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WARNING: There's a whole lot of fangirl squee in this post.

I'm watching the first episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and so far Spoilers )

I admit I had my doubts about this show when I first heard about it, but now I think I'm in love.
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Okay, so I maybe, sorta have been reading fic about news anchors, including fake ones for the past week...DON'T JUDGE ME!

It's so addicting. Although, I wonder how they got the idea for Keith/Anderson. It's good, but do they even know each other. Jon/Stephen, I get. They've worked together, but Keith/Anderson?

Should I be stopped, or not?

Also, and this has nothing to do with the news fanfic, I haven't read Eyeshield 21 in over a month or two. I'm thinking about waiting until the series ends and then read it in big chunk over a weekend. Unless it already ended. Has it?
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I'm not putting this under an lj-cut because I'm too angry. Maybe later. dude. What is wrong with people sometimes? Okay so I saw part of a show called Reyes de la Pista. It's basically like Dancing with the Stars, but the participants are dancing to get medical/financial help, what have you. It started tonight, I actually missed part of it though. But when my favorite couple were going to dance, Imanol and Cynthia, Imanol(who is a famous celebrity, one person from each couple is someone famous, they were chosen by their current partner) announced that he had leukemia and wouldn't be able to participate because if he kept dancing it could become chronic. He said that he had been fainting and his heart had been hurting him. He'd training his dad, who apparently is also a famous actor/dancer, the dance moves so that his dad would take his place and Cynthia wouldn't have to forfeit her spot in the competition. Basically production decided to have the other couples and the judges take a vote. The vote had to be unanimous, if there was on no in the lot then Imanol's father wouldn't be able to take his son's place and Cynthia would have to forfeit. My family and I were certain that they were all going to say yes. I mean, the guy could barely stand, he kept clutching his heart. It was so painful to watch him try to stay conscious and upright. But one of the votes ended up being no, which ended the whole thing. It's obvious that it was that heartless judge Ema Pulido. The camera panned to everyone except her. She's always been like that, on a previous show when one of the contestants broke her foot and had do dance with a cast on, she criticized the contestant saying that the contestant had to dance better! I'm so pissed off, how cold can someone be!?
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I found myself watching TRL today and I realized that I don't know half of those artists. I felt really old because I wanted the old artists back. I am really out of it when it comes to pop culture sometimes. is love.

When is it going to be summer?!


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