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After, like, four years I've finally changed my profile. It's so pretty. *stares*

Oh, the presentation went great. I don't remember much of it, but whatever, the professor said I did a good job. He also gave us back our midterms. Guess who got a 94/100? Yes, me! Considering I didn't even know what I was writing in the last essay, I think that's a pretty good grade.

Why, yes, Ishida, I do feel like a pimp.
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Icon meme time. Just so you know, these include icons that aren't currently in use.

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Powerpoint presentation tomorrow. SAVE ME.

Free Time

Jun. 16th, 2008 01:34 pm
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So, summer school has officially started. I have an online class and my history class starts tomorrow. The spring semester ended three weeks ago. I had planned on catching up with my shows and manga. I am so far behind on Naruto and Bleach. I still have to read Oofuri and xxxHOLIC.

Instead of using my free time to do what I planned, I've been sleeping and doing absolutely nothing.

Except for the part where I discovered my love for Eyeshield 21. I don't even like football! But I'm on the 21th episode and I starting the manga today (Shin, Hiruma and Sakuraba are so my new boyfriends).

I've also kind of fallen in love again with Prince of Tennis. *hangs head*

Oh, and I now have about 10 original stories in progress. With no end in sight.


Astronomy 101: A
History 110: A
Psychology 116: A
Speech 120: B
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I just spent more than $100 on anime. *ashamed* I bought the season 1 box set of Bleach, the entire series of Trigun and S-Cry-Ed, plus the soundtrack to Angel, which is the only non-anime thing I bought. If my parents ever find out how much it all cost, they are going to kill me. But I couldn't resist!

So much pretty and shiny everywhere!

Plus, I figure since I got my mother hooked on Angel, Supernatural and Fullmetal Alchemist, I can get her hooked on these shows too.
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Happy Halloween! Last year, I'm pretty sure that I didn't wear a costume. But this year, I have found a costume! I look like a cheap space alien prostitute. It's a silver and black dress with a keyhole that shows off my breasts. Unfortunately, I could not go out tonight, because of overprotective parents and the fact that I have a short story due tomorrow.

Also, I have not yet seen last week's Supernatural. Perhaps I'll watch it tonight for Halloween. And I think I'm going to wait until the current fight in Naruto is over before I go back to reading it. (Jiraiya ftw!)

Also, again, Bleach Spoilers )

Note to self: Update more and buy the Oofuri calendar.
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These are from the last episode (I think). Tomorrow, I'll have the second part up. That one will, hopefully, have more icons and more variation. Since the second part will be from episode 11, there will probably be HaruMiha icons galore!

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Icon Count: 5
Haruna: 5

Comment and Credit if taking!

And now, I'm off to watch Bleach.
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Since Bleach is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows, I decided to make some Ichigo and Ishida icons (separate). I'll do the rest, including some pairings later (IchiIshi FTW!).

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Icon Count: 30
Ichigo: 17
Ishida: 13
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current mood | calm

I wanted to do a Kaji icon for a while now and since I've gotten into Bleach, I needed an icon for that, hence the Ishida icon.

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Please comment and credit if you're taking.

Icon Count: 2
Kaji: 1
Ishida: 1


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