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I have been incredibly lazy these past *checks* four weeks. However in my defense, I was celebrating the end of summer school and my good grades (and the Olympics. Yay for Michael Phelps!). A for Film and a B for History.

Let's see, what's new?

Oh! School started this week. I'm taking 18 units. Luckily Psychology and Philosophy are easy A's. Japanese and Film might be my hardest classes. English and Japanese seem like they'll be the most enjoyable.

I applied to Sonoma State University. I have enough units so that I didn't have to send them my high school transcript (so bad). I just have to get good grades this semester and I'm in! Unless they don't accept me. *paranoid*

I've been laughing on and off at Breaking Dawn. When I'm not laughing, I'm seething. Laughing's better for my health, so I try to not be angry.

I've spent the last two days reading three webcomics. They are good. :)

I started another story during Psychology class Wednesday. Now I have FOURTEEN original stories with no end in sight. SAVE ME!

Also, my back hurts. A lot.
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I've been reading New Moon(2nd book of the Twilight Series) and Eclipse(3rd book) all day and while I haven't finished Eclipse yet, but like always I skipped to the end and...Spoilers for Eclipse )

Why do I not have a Twilight icon?


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