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Icon meme time. Just so you know, these include icons that aren't currently in use.

So many Fandoms )

Powerpoint presentation tomorrow. SAVE ME.
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*Okay, so for the past two or three months I hadn't been able to see Asian languages. They would show up as little boxes and my browser would freeze up if there were a lot of characters.

But! In a stroke of genius, I found out what was wrong with my computer! In the language section of the Control Panel, for some reason, the files for East Asian languages weren't installed.

* I've been watching Rikkaimyu Second Service for the past few days and I've realized why 3rd cast Kaidou does not work for me: He's not Kaidou, he's Doujinshi!Kaidou.

Don't get me wrong, he's adorable and I like him very much, but I think he'd do better in a different, sweeter role. He can't do gruff very well.

*I've been wandering around my home singing Ore wa Samurai at the top of my lungs. My family is slightly worried. But it's a catchy song!
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*I hate Fafsa so much. Just give me my money, fools. Dealing with taxes sucks.

*Have finished my second week of school. Sonoma is awesome. I only have three classes this semester though.

*I love my English teacher. He's weird and energetic and awesome.

* Schedule for school: Mondays, Arthurian Literature. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Literary Analysis and Multicultural Studies.

*I thought I was done with Prince of Tennis. But, no. The shiny, pretty boys have dragged me back.

I finished the manga a few weeks ago. I knew how it had ended and I have to admit before I read it I was already cringing. However! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The OVAs helped too. Oh, Inui! You are so sweet and noble!

*I have been playing Tenimyu songs from youtube for the last two weeks. It's like crack to me.

Now I have to go back to dealing with the Fafsa application. So tired.
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I wanted to do a Kaji icon for a while now and since I've gotten into Bleach, I needed an icon for that, hence the Ishida icon.

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Please comment and credit if you're taking.

Icon Count: 2
Kaji: 1
Ishida: 1


Mar. 9th, 2007 11:14 pm
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I made some icons, Tenimyu and Prince of Tennis.

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Icon Count: 4
Prince of Tennis: 1
Araki and Zukki: 2
KENN and Katou: 1


Feb. 16th, 2007 06:56 pm
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've made icons! The last time was in September. I only have one DC icon and one Tenimyu icon.
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Now to celebrate Naruto Shippuden, I give you some icons from the nine minute teaser they showed before the opening, and some icons from the opening. Oh, and one from the manga.
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Icon Count: 16
DC: 1
Tenimyu: 1
Naruto: 16

I am really out of practice with making icons so beware. I feel like I completely forgot how to use Photoshop.

Also, for some reason my drawing tablet seems wonky. Isn't it supposed to represent the screen? When I touch the lower right of the tablet, isn't the cursor supposed to move to the lower right as well? Because mine is not working like that at all.
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I've kind of been slacking off of my college work *shifty eyes* and been rediscovering my addiction to photoshop.

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Icon Count: 13
Tenimyu: 8
DC Comics: 4
DC Toonverse: 1

Comment and Credit if you're taking! :)

*runs off to finish essay*
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current music | Do Your Best-Hyoutei Version

I received a lot of inspiration after watching Dream Live 3rd. So I decided to make some icons.

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New Icon

Jun. 25th, 2006 09:48 pm
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current music | Dream Live 3rd

I have a new icon. It's of Katou and Shirota during Dream Live 3rd. I swear the whole musical is about Atobe's hotness.
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current music | Cinepuri Trailer

Here's the second batch of icons.

Pairings! )

Once again, some of these icons were made when I was just starting out in photoshop, so don't be too hard! Since I made some new icons of the tenimyu actors, I've decided that they'll be my next batch.

Icon Count: 19
Atobe/Tezuka: 3
Data Pair: 2
Fuji Brothers: 1
Dirty Pair: 1
Golden Pair: 1
InuKai: 2
Momo, Ryoma and Kaidou: 1
Platinum Pair: 1
Seigaku: 1
Silver Pair: 3
Tezuka and Yamato: 2
Yuuta and Atsushi: 1
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current music | Tonde! Mawatte! Mata Raishuu ~Ryoma ga ippai~

Here they are! *tired* I finished uploading them. There are prince of tennis icons from the anime, manga, and movie.

Icons! )

A lot of these icons were made when I first got photoshop, so don't be too hard on those, please!(Hopefully you'll be able to tell which ones!) As always, credit if you're going to take! (A comment would be nice to!) All of these icons are of a single person/character. I'll be making a post right after this one with "pairings" icons.

Icon Count: 34
Atobe: 2
Echizen: 6
Eiji: 2
Fuji: 1
Hongou Kanata: 3
Inui: 2
Jirou: 1
Kaidou: 1
Marui: 1
Kotani: 3
Ohtori: 1
Shinji: 1
Shirota: 2
Shishido: 4
Tezuka: 2
Yukimura: 1
Yuuta: 1
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current music | AIR GEAR Episode 1

My new icon is of Zukki and Adachi. Unfortunately I cannot take credit. All credit goes to ichigo_icons. I can't stop watching it.


Apr. 7th, 2006 06:19 pm
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current music | Hyoteimyu

Ever since I got Photoshop, I've been practicing making icons. I currently have about 130 icons. I'm sharing some of my icons. This batch is pure Tenimyu. The next batch will be DC and Marvel comics. Comment and Credit if you take any! ♥

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Total Number of Icons:33
Dirty Pair-1
Silver Pair-1
Golden Pair-1
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current music | Calling

Note to self: Saitou always looks incredible, but especially when he's half naked.

Also, his English is really good. *is impressed* I've always thought that his voice was sexy but its so cool to be able to understand what he's saying.
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current music | Hyotei Myu in Winter

Check out my new mood theme, created by [ profile] dtn !

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current music | Youtube Videos

Harry Potter DVD is love. I love it and I love my parents for buying for me.

Tenimyu: I bought the Hyoutei DVD(winter) a few days ago. They emailed me today to tell me that they processed my order!

Plus, today I found out that I'm not failing any of my classes. I'm getting a C+ in one of the classes that I thought I was failing.

AP-Spanish: A- (94%)
Poetry: A
U.S. Government: C+ (79%)
Physics: D (65.6%)
Human Sexuality: A-

So, I definitely need to do better in Physics although honestly I'm just glad that I'm not failing.
I had a good day. ^_^

P.S. Translating is actually pretty fun.
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Kamakari Kenta is love. That is all.
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current music | Hips Don't Lie-Shakira

Happy Birthday Kamakari Kenta! He's celebrating his 22nd birthday!

I hope he has a great one this year.
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current music | More Than Limit Backstage

I get to open my presents today! Since we're hispanic, Christmas for us is the twenty-fourth of December. but since some of use were born here, we also celebrate the twenty-fifth of December. So I get to open presents that my parents got me on the twenty-fourth, and on the twenty-fifth, I get to open presents from the rest of the family.

I have been watching prince of tennis musicals for two days straight. *is addicted and proud of it*

I think, since the musicals made me all happy, its the first time that I'm actually looking forward to the holidays.

Happy Holidays everyone!

ETA: I really want to make a Yanagi icon. That is all.


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