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It is 3:45 in the morning, right now. And I am awake; why you ask? Let me tell you why: I am a slacker. For about a month I've been thinking about the deadline for my Political Science class. The deadline for turning in twenty-six video summaries and a four-page essay. Noon on Thursday, July 24. I later noticed that Thursday is the 23rd. He must have made a typo is what I thought, after all, 3 and 4 are pretty close together.

Yesterday, I only had one video summary done. Right now I have two done, one started and two-thirds of the essay written. Not bad, I thought to myself, if I keep working until the sun comes up I'll have the essay finished and maybe some more summaries done. I might get a decent amount of summaries written, but only if I don't sleep at all.

I have been fretting all night about not finishing. While thinking about the title for my essay, I flipped through the syllabus. I stopped at the date for the deadline and read it. Then I read it again.

Apparently, I've been reading it wrong this whole time. It was Friday, July 24. In other words, not Thursday. In other words, I have been up with a migraine freaking out about only having a few more hours to finish everything for nothing. I have a whole day left. Instead of being happy about that (and a tiny part of me is), I'm pissed.

The worst part is, I'm an English major. My whole job as a student is reading and analyzing. I suck and I'm going to bed.


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